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I'm trying to put together some information to answer common questions I get asked by new collectors. Contact me if you have additional information you think should be on this site. Make sure you check out the links page for local collectors and distributors.

Local Auctions:

One of the most common questions I get is "are there any local auctions"? As long as you consider Vancouver, BC local, the answer is a resounding yes!

Able Auctions (who bought Ross) has two annual auctions - one in May or June, and one near Christmas.

$100 refundable deposit
    10% buyers fee if paying in cash

    Able Auctions
    Surrey, BC

Local Stuff on eBay:


Other places to find games:

  1. I recommend watching the local classified ads (papers like the "Buy & Sell" and "The Little Nickel") - I've found quite a few games this way.
  2. Make friends with local operators (e.g. in Seattle, get to know Mark at Space Age Amusement) - operators often have older games that they can no longer use on location.
  3. Get on the mailing list for your local distributors - occasionally they have sales that even collectors can afford :-)
  4. Use other internet resources like the newsgroup or auction sites like eBay (better for parts than full games).

Cool Ideas:

Use X-10 appliance modules and wireless switches or remotes to turn your games on or off. These items are available from X-10:

Got other cool ideas for making a better game room? Let me know and I'll add them here.

Build a MAME cabinet! Or just buy an arcade controller for your PC:

X-Arcade Build Your Own Arcade Kit (Controller board for MAME)


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